Key Personnel

Key Personnel 

MR. MRV PILLAI : (Managing Director)

A dynamic personality who established Prestige Engineering LLC in the year 1983 , followed by Pretech Metal Cleaning Est, Al Mehrab Technical contracting and Al Raha Transport company. With the Customers Trust growing , the service in MEP area , all under one roof concept led to turnkey project and collaboration.

MR. GIRISH VENUGOPAL : (Operations Manager)

A Mechanical Engineer with over 18 years of experience in the field of corrosion protection techniques, estimation, resource management and field activities like surface preparation, protective coating and Fireproofing projects. Well versed with the cost and estimation to produce quality products with economical pricing.

MR. BINOY K.T : (Sales Executive)

A Master Degree with years of over 15 years of experience in the field of business developing with corrosion protection techniques and Marketing. Well versed with the cost and estimation.

MR.VINOD .K : (Chief Accountant)

Graduate with Sixteen years’ experience in the field of accounting and Well versed Acted as consulting via an outsourcing accountant service firm, responsibilities included general ledger entries ,capital budget preparation ,budget variance reporting and strategy development ,assess impact of long -term financing activities ,tax sheltering and acquisitions on company leverage and business valuation.

MR.NANDEESH KTK: (Procurement Officer)

Post Graduate Diploma with Fifteen years’ experience in the field of procurement and Well versed directing purchasing agents and buyers throughout the process of evaluating suppliers, conducting interviews with vendors, negotiating supplier agreements and managing supplier and vendor contracts, what the company purchases, delivers and spends to determine if goods are defective or not meeting performance demands.